Thursday, February 2, 2012

On the road to board member?

   Batangas City Vice Mayor Joe Tolentino is now making the rounds after he declared his intention of running for mayor in the 2013 elections.
   But the buzz in the city hall says former Batangas city Mayor Eddie B. Dimacuha is pulling his strings for him. 
   According to my gay spice in the city mayor’s office,  EBD was the one who pushed Joe to declare his running for mayor to confuse the opposition and cause disorder among the candidates who want to run.
   My spice’s notes said EBD told Joe to keep up the front of running for mayor only to back off before and run instead for second district board member.  With the opposition in disarray, chaos will reign, and EBD and VAD will once again win. 
Close sila? Who's pulling who's strings kaya?
   By the way, EBD wants to run for second district congressman.  But will he win against the ever pogi Board member Boyet De Leon? Humarap muna sa magic salamin! Di mananalo ang mukhang palaka kahit kelan kapag itinapat sa mukhang prince charming! Ever!
   Di na ba talaga nagsasawa sa kapangyarihan ang political dynasty na itoh?
   Dr. Jun Berberabe is also on the rounds now, after he also declared his plans to run for mayor again. 
   Ayan, labu-labo na naman ang opposition.
   With this development or underdevelopment, expect the political dayanasty to remain in power and let's all tolerate corruption, greed, and violence!!!


  1. Fuck!! wawa naman batangas. gn2 nlng b palage. mula nung nabuhay ako sila na hangang ngyn sila pa din... hayzzz gising mga batangueno gising...

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